Triangular Shade Sail (3.6 metres)

£80.00 £40.00

Triangular Shade Sail (3.6 metres) – £40.00


Triangular Shade Sail (3.6 metres)

The triangular shade sail (3.6 metres) will provide the shade necessary for homes and holidays at the mountain. This shade mesh reduces the harmful effects of the sun. It features 3 strings for its correct fastening. If you’re going to buy something to provide shade this summer, buy the best – at the best price!

Composition: 100 % polyester.
Approx. dimensions: 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.6 m.
Approx. length of each string: 2.4 m.

RRP £80.00

Our Price £40.00


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